MOON|WELL is a movement. A calling. A re-awakening for all women to unearth and rediscover the truth of who they are. MOON|WELL creates safe opportunities for women to release what is holding them back so they can step into their light, creativity and gifts.

Everything offered in this space is to support and nourish the health of women. Through new and full moon circles, retreats, nutrition, herbalism and soulful gifts. MOON|WELL is committed to bringing self nourishment back into women’s everyday lives through rituals, education and empowerment.

We welcome you to our modern day coven.

Moon Well

The women behind the movement.

Lauren Mary

When you're a child, everyone asks you what you want to become when you grow up. You can expect most answers to be a fireman, an astronaut, doctor, ballerina... I always said I wanted to be a Mother. Even as a young child, I knew that I wanted to take care of others with love + nourishment. 

 I spent the better part of my teens to early 20's trying to distill this inner desire to nurture into a career. I felt that the only place I could take this desire was to nursing school, but when in enrollment, I couldnt ignore the call that there had to be something else- so I made a bold move and bought a plane ticket to India instead.

It was there that I discovered the healing art of Ayurveda and their use of herbalism and nutrition as primary medicine. This trip to India completley changed my life. (Anyone who has travelled India for an extensive amount of time knows how it can leave you raw and in awe!) It was clear to me when I came home that I wanted to pursue a career in natural medicine, and use these healing modalities to work with women, in all stages of their journeys.

After graduating with a diploma in Clinical Herbalism (2012, Wild Rose College, AB), Holistic Nutrition (2014, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) and certifying as a Birth + Post Partum Doula (2012, DONA International), I established my company, Lauren Mary Holistics officially in 2014. 

In my practice, I fully believe in offering full circle nourishment and that women deserve better care when it comes to their physical, emotional and spiritual health. This belief led me to offer a variety of services such as consulting, placenta encapsulation, birth + post partum doula services, holistic chef services, workshops + seminars, and of course, my line of organic teas, healing remedies, skincare and babycare. I am honored to have since worked with hundreds of women in the clinic, in their pregnancy's, at their births, in their fourth trimesters, at one of my workshops, and now, holding space for women in all phases in circle with Moon Well.

Lauren Mary Moon Well

Amanda Cook

After working her ass off to climb out of a physical and spiritual health crisis with a new baby in tow, Amanda was able to reclaim her life through a new lens: an empowered woman and mother.

Today, Amanda sits on the other side, still riding this journey of health, but with a tool belt so jacked that she's ready for what comes her way. Recognizing that we are ever evolving and what one needed yesterday, will change. It's coming to know your foundation, your essentials, by being intuitively connected to your unique needs.

One of the most healing experiences for Amanda has been to find ways to step outside her comfort zone to connect to her inner desires to experience growth, fulfillment, and joy.  Rooted in meditation and gratitude, Amanda has found a deep passion for living mindfully to capture the moments of joy in the messy chaos of motherhood and family life, while also refining her self care through rituals that create empowerment, inspiration and rejuvenation.  

Amanda is holistic nutrition practitioner, lifestyle coach, wellness educator, holistic chef, teacher of meditation and a busy mama of two with a deep passion about transformational health that nourishes the mind, body and spirit. Amanda loves sharing how to simplify whole body nourishment with whole foods, getting creative, self exploration and living a deeply connected life.  

Amanda Cook Moon Well
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